I'm Emily, an eighteen year old residing in South New Jersey. Part time lover and full time friend. Gender neutral: they/them appreciated but she/her acceptable. Literature enthusiast. I value sleep and friendship. Be my friend, please.
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"There’s chunks of my life that I don’t remember due to staph infections and concussions. You can’t blame it all on drugs with this guy because, you know, I’m straight edge."

"When I had to build a roster for the resurrected ECW brand, Punk was my first draft choice from the developmental system. That was a no-brainer. To me, the next generation of the ECW superstars, started with CM Punk."  -Paul Heyman


If you’re not digging CM Punk’s Twitter saga of a prematurely retired and financially secure professional wrestler finding things to watch on TV, I don’t know what to tell you.