St. Vincent - DIY Magazine - March 2014

St. Vincent - DIY Magazine - March 2014

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my tolerance for videos on tumblr now is “oh, it’s longer than six seconds?” *scrolls past*


Name: Emily
Nickname(s): Em, Emmy, M&M
Age: 18


Favourite Colour(s): orange, red, gray
Least Favourite Colour: yellow
Favourite Food: chicken ceasar salad!!
Least Favourite Food: anything w sweet potato
Favourite Band/Artist: electric light orchestra, vamp weeknd, cage the elephant
Least Favourite Band/Artist: i dont rlly have one!!
Favourite Type of Movie: suspense, horror, psychological
Least Favourite Type of Movie: romance

One thing you can’t get enough of: i honestly get bored of everything eventually, but i guess i’d say wrestling and/or chocolate ice cream!!
One thing you hate more than anything: Waiting


Are you single? Yes.
Do you have a crush on anyone right now? i have a crush on everybody
Do you flirt a lot? not intentionally
Do you believe in love at first sight? i like to think it’s real!!
Do you fall in love fast? i’ve never been in love
Do you ever make the first move? nope 
Do you want to get married? eventually


A daydreamer? definitely
Talkative? depends on who i’m with!!
Energetic? not usually
Happy? content
Trustworthy? very
Confident? sometimes
Friendly? VERY tho my anxiety makes me seem rude/mean sometimes
Sarcastic? sometimes
Dependable? not at all
Adaptable? nope
Emotionally strong? sigh no
Religious? no 
Indecisive? very
Outgoing? not at all
Nosy? yeah
Lazy? definitely
Artistic? i like to think so
Thoughtful? yes
Considerate? yes
Romantic? yes
Obsessive? i think so tho i wish i wasn’t
Sincere? yes
Tolerant? very

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david duchovny doesn’t know what frogs are

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Louise Bourgeois & Tracey Emin - Do Not Abandon Me, 2009-2010

Do Not Abandon Me is a collaboration between Louise Bourgeois and Tracey Emin consisting of sixteen intimate works made over the past two years. These drawings articulate physical drives and feelings, candidly confronting themes of identity, sexuality and the fear of loss and abandonment through joint expression.

This series originated with Bourgeois, who began the works by painting male and female torsos in profile on paper, mixing red, blue and black gouache pigments with water to create delicate and fluid silhouettes. Bourgeois then passed the images on to Emin, who later confessed: ‘I carried the images around the world with me from Australia to France, but I was too scared to touch them’. Emin overlaid Bourgeois’s forms with fantasy, drawing smaller figures that engaged with the torsos like Lilliputian lovers, enacting the body’s desires and anxieties. In one, a woman kisses an erect phallus; in another, a small fetus-like form protrudes from a swollen belly. In many, Emin’s handwriting inscribes the images with a narrative, putting into words the emotions expressed in Bourgeois’s vibrant gouaches.

This suite of prints was one of the last projects Louise Bourgeois completed before her death. They were then printed at Dye-namix studio in New York with archival dyes on cloth in an edition of 18 sets with 6 artist proofs. The exhibition travels to Hauser & Wirth from Carolina Nitsch Project Room, New York, and is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue.


leaving Laverne Cox off of the Time top 100 despite the overwhelming support she received is an act of violence and erasure towards trans women



I am 100% certain that whatever individuals decided not to include Laverne Cox in the TIME 100 are actively transphobic when they can see that 91% of 88,000 people thought she should be on that list.

I checked the poll yesterday and she was in the top 7, there is literally no fucking way she could’ve moved down to #101 in that amount of time


Laverne Cox and Lupita N’yongo literally have inspired so many trans women and black women and have done so much to encourage them and meanwhile they are less influential than an ugly oatmeal reptilian alien and a manchild who wrote a scene where two pretentious terminally ill teenagers make out at the Anne Frank Memorial

I’ll do more than alarm you.